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The VFW offers a wide range of programs designed to help veterans and their families.  If you - or someone you know - could benefit from any of the following services or would like to volunteer or otherwise support these initiatives, please contact us at the email link or phone number below.  Thank you.

VFW National Service (NVS) has a nationwide network of service officers available to help veterans and their families, particularly with VA entitlements and medical care.  One of the primary NVS projects is the Toll-free VFW Helpline, a special phone number (1-800-VFW-1899) for veterans and their families concerned with VA health care and other benefit issues.

Operation Uplink helps active-duty troops and hospitalized veterans keep in touch with love ones by providing free prepaid long-distance phone cards.  Since its inception in 1996, more than 4 million phone cards have ben distributed.

VFW Legislative Service ensures the voice of veterans is heard loud and clear.  This important program works to ensure the interest of veterans and their families are reflected - and protected - on Capitol Hill.

VFW Citizenship Education Programs inform Americans on patriotic topics ranging from contributions of America's military to our history to proper flag etiquette by promoting ad sponsoring events conducted by our members and other concerned citizens that emphasize these core tradition and values.

VFW Community Service Programs work to make American communities a better place to live by organizing and coordinating volunteerism by our members and other concerned citizens benefiting education, the environment, health services and civic projects, both nationally and locally.

VFW Youth Activities Programs educate America's youth on the importance of American history and patriotism.  As part of this program, students participate in a range of activities, including the Voice of Democracy Scholarship Contest and the Patriot's Pen Youth Essay Contest.

For more information ask any member of the VFW or contact Jason Harmon, Post Commander.

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